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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Blanket

Posted by August Lane on

When babies first come into this world, they spend a lot of their time wrapped up in a blanket. From sleeping, eating, and riding in their car seat, to hanging out on the floor and being passed around to visiting relatives, babies and their blankets go together like peanut butter and jelly. That is why choosing the right baby blanket is so important. You need a blanket that will be safe, comfortable, and useful. Here are four tips for choosing the right baby blanket for your little one.

 Pay Close Attention to the Material

 The material will be the biggest deciding factor when it comes to a baby blanket. It needs to be breathable so that your baby doesn’t sweat in the night, warm enough to keep the baby comfortable in any condition, and made of a fabric that is easy to wash. Organic cotton is a great option.

 Something light and comfortable, like the Toshi Knit Baby Wrap, is a great idea for a summer baby. For the colder months, a heavier blanket like this one, with its beautiful moss stitch pattern, is ideal.

 Keep in Mind Safety

 Your baby will soon start to investigate the world with their little hands, toes, and mouth! Baby blankets should not have any tassels, ribbons, fringe, or anything loose that babies can tug at, wrap around their fingers, or put in their mouths.  Also consider a blanket that does not have very large holes in a knitted or crocheted pattern, where babies may be able to get their toes and fingers caught.

Get the Right Size

 A baby blanket needs to be big enough to wrap a baby up in – but you don’t want too much extra fabric. This can lead to a situation in which the baby gets tangled up inside the blanket and can’t get out. However, too small, and the blanket isn’t useful for long, as babies grow very quickly! Most baby blankets are about 45” by 45”, or up to 45” by 60”. These can be used for swaddling, letting a baby roll around on the floor, and decorating a nursery.

Consider the Long Term Quality

 Many baby blankets are purchased as useful tools to have around, like extra face cloths. However, a baby blanket can also be a cherished heirloom in many cases. You never know which blanket your child will latch on to as their favorite, so be sure to consider the long term quality of any blanket you buy. Choose a blanket made out of sturdy material that either features a single solid color, or colors that can be easily washed together without worrying about bleeding or fading. You may also want to consider a blanket that is large enough to be used for a toddler bed later, such as the lovely Bonne Mere single bed quilt.

 At August and Lane, many of the beautiful baby blankets in stock can also be paired with matching sheets for the baby cot – a lovely way to create a serene nursery for a little one.  



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