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Bigjigs Toys - Adventure Bucket Beach Toy - Blush Pink - August Lane

Bigjigs Toys - Adventure Bucket Beach Toy - Blush Pink

Bigjigs Toys

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This silicone bucket beats rigid plastic alternative any day. It rolls, flexes and bounces back into shape without creasing. You fold it into beach bags, squish it into backpacks or pack it into a holiday suitcase. This silicone toy is perfect for open-ended play! Children can make sandcastles, carry and pour water, do the gardening, and help wash cars. Made from food-grade silicone. Durable, easy to clean and non-toxic. Silicone is naturally derived from quartz sand, making this a genuinely sustainable toy. Whether you're going on holiday or on a trip to the beach, this silicone bucket is a holiday essential.


15.5 x 19.5 x 14

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